#ocTEL Introduction

I’m taking part in #ocTEL, the Open Course in Technology Enhanced Learning that ALT are running, partly to experience taking part in a MOOC, and because it seems like a great opportunity to find out what other people are up to.

So by way of an introduction, I’ve been supporting learning technology for over 10 years, initially mainly dealing with supporting the VLE but more recently I’ve really repositioned my role to be a lot more about looking at ways that TEL can enhance the learning experience rather than being just about dumping a few Powerpoint files on the VLE.

I’m currently leading a project piloting the flipped classroom model of blended learning.The project has really opened my eyes to how much of the “traditional” classroom based approach is a compromise, with lectures used as the primary means of teaching due to resource constraints rather than because lectures are a particularly effective way of learning.  It’s becoming clear that the main challenge in increasing the take up of TEL is now a people problem rather than a technology problem.



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3 responses to “#ocTEL Introduction

  1. I like your comment that ‘It’s becoming clear that the main challenge in increasing the take up of TEL is now a people problem rather than a technology problem.’ especially for the ‘flipped classroom approach. Do you still get the excuse – ‘If I put the content on line the students won’t come to the lectures”

    • Hi Sue

      Thanks for your comments.

      We have a very stringent attendance monitoring system so students can’t not attend without getting a lot of hassle (a cynic might say it was introduced more for compliance with Border Agency requirements than for pedagogical reasons) but it is a very common concern from colleagues.

      Feedback we’ve received from student questionnaires is overwhelmingly positive towards the classroom session that takes place instead of the lecture.

  2. Hi Steve – thanks for the intro. I do agree with you that getting people involved in TEL is more of a people problem, it is about changing mindsets about the whole teaching and learning process, and getting people to recognise that learning to teach is ongoing and continuously developing. Often people revert back to how they were taught, and need some exposure to the affordances that technologies can bring to teaching and learning. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts :).

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